About Us


Rooted in Community

Broadway Children’s Center opened its doors in September 2010 with a goal in mind – provide a high quality of child care in a family like environment and make it available to all families in our community regardless of their socio economic background. We want you to walk through our halls and know each of our staff and feel that your child’s classroom is an extension of your home.


BCC is a place in which children can be themselves and be amongst friends. BCC is a place in which to feel safe. It is also a place in which to have a plethora of opportunities to grow, explore and learn about the world around us.



Broadway Children’s Center originally began as Citykidz Christian Childcare out of First AME Zion Church in North Portland. Celeste started Citykidz in 2006 with her own son and just one other child and grew from there making many wonderful lifelong relationships along the way. The foundation in which our center was built is one of service, building community, and giving back to the community.


A very intentional decision reflected in our center is to make sure all families feel represented. Within our community of BCC you will enjoy; scholarships for families in need, parents socials, holiday parties, opportunities to volunteer, clothing exchange, special interest meetings and “Parents Night Out” for example. From our surrounding community we are pleased to collaborate with local small businesses, annual toy drop for Children's Cancer Association, and partnering with local children's musicians, artists and performers.


Today we serve up to 50 families at full capacity. Our families come from the neighborhoods of Irvington, Alameda, Concordia, Wilshire, Beaumont, King, Sabin, Grant Park, Laurelhurst, Rose City, Woodlawn and beyond. We continue to build wonderful relationships with the families we are honored to be a part of. We welcome you into the family and are glad to have the opportunity to be a part of your lives.



Thank you for providing a safe place for our daughter to grow, mature, learn and love. Keep doing what you do because it’s working and making a difference in so many lives.

Making a difference Kristen

Our children’s kindness and generosity are as much shaped by the BCC staff as they have have been by our family! We have such a deep sense of gratitude for all the love you have shown them.

Deep sense of gratitude Aimee

Thank you for being such a timely blessing in our lives!

A timely blessing Cyndi

Thank you for being the people we trust to care for our daughter when we cannot. I can think of no job more important and no people better to do it.

No job more important Erin

I am eternally grateful for the outstanding care and curriculum my son has received over the last few years he’s been with you all. Because of the level of care and interest your staff takes in him you all have taught him so much and taught me how to be a better mother and teacher as well.

Eternally Grateful B. P. Canda

Our little one adores BCC and so do we! The staff is loving, compassionate and have a passion for working with kids. They have developmentally appropriate activities, engaging environment, special programming and awesome crafts. We feel so fortunate to have found this amazing childcare center and truly cannot say enough wonderful things about BCC.

Our little one adores BCC and so do we! Emily

We absolutely love BCC! We recently moved to the other side of town and still drive our daughter over to BCC every day because we cannot imagine her life, and ours, without them. Loving, energetic, friendly, sincere, and trained teachers are a part of every classroom and we trust them all like family.

We absolutely love BCC! Kristen

We love BCC! Thank you for taking such good care of our girl. It’s hard being back at work, but I know she is well cared for and that makes all the difference.

We love BCC! Kelly

Our Mission

Our guiding principles are simple: to nurture and love the whole child. Our goals include instilling in each child the values of respect for self and others, the value of community and diversity, the life long love of learning and perhaps most importantly the notion that they are uniquely special and important. We believe that when the child feels safe, loved and at home the child is free to be their true self.


The children guide our curriculum. What they find to be interesting is a worthwhile learning opportunity. We value play as the child’s most important work and maintain an excellent balance of free play opportunity with structured learning experiences. The director, teachers, aids, children and parents make up the environment of co-learners – learning, growing and sharing with one another. What better work to be a part of one’s first cherished memories of youth?