Infant/Toddler Program


Sunrise Room (3 - 14 months)

Our infant rooms are sweet and inviting. We have plenty of space for little ones to play and explore their surroundings. Our caregivers are kind and nurturing and build a relationship with you to provide the best care possible for your precious one day-in and day-out. Our goal is to help parents build a strong foundation in their children through loving interactions, good nutrition and stimulating activity. Fresh food is prepared and provided for infants Monday through Friday.


The experienced caregivers listen to the cues of each individual child while gently guiding them into a predictable routine. Time outdoors is enjoyable as we stroll through the beautiful quiet tree lined streets of the Irvington neighborhood.


We incorporate sign language and encourage the children to use basic signs to help communicate their needs as they get a bit older. Some common signs we use are more, milk, eat and all done.


Visits from mom or dad during the day are always welcomed! We ask you to cap your child's day at the center at 9 hours max while in the infant room. A daily report documenting your child’s day is provided.


Tuition Rates
(Lunch included)


5 days a week - $1,248

4 days a week - $1,072

3 days a week - $947


Caterpillar Room (12-24 months)

Our Caterpillar Room is for older babies. Affectionately known as the “Wobbler Room” the children are now on the move! We require that the children in the Caterpillar Room are already walking or very close to it to ensure they can navigate safely through their new surroundings. The children of the Caterpillar Room love to explore and are learning all about appropriate play.


The Teachers of the classroom act as guides to help the children safely learn about all the wonderful things there are to explore. Our schedule consist of free play with stimulating cause and effect playthings, multiple storytimes, art, outdoor play, lunch, snack and nap. Your child’s day will be documented via a written daily report to take home each night.


Tuition Rates
(Lunch included)


5 days a week - $1,200

4 days a week - $1,030

3 days a week - $910


Rainbow Room (2-3 years)

At the age of 2, children will transition to our lively Rainbow Room! Children continue to build on the foundation of self confidence and awareness and master skills such as potty training.


We use art, sensory and independent free play to help the children process and learn about the world. We teach the children in a methodical way, step by step to facilitate cognition and learning. Our classroom offers several interest areas including the reading area, manipulatives, art, housekeeping, blocks and a sensory station. We aim to assist your child in his or her natural desire to gain mastery of their environment by offering opportunities in which they can be successful. A daily report documenting your child’s day is provided.


Tuition Rates
(Lunch included)


5 days a week - $1,070

4 days a week - $982

3 days a week - $863