Special Programs


Special Programs

BCC offers a wide variety of special programs for our families. We offer Fresh N Local lunches for a small fee. We host Soccer Shots at our facility. OMSI's traveling program visits our facility regularly. We offer several field trips annually. And, we have a special "Parent's Night Out" once a month. See below for details about all our special programs!


Fresh N' Local Lunches

Fresh n’ Local Foods is a locally owned and operated company making delicious and nutritious food for hospitals, schools, and individuals in Oregon. While you can always send your own lunches for your kids, Fresh n’ Local lunches are offered daily at BCC.


Common questions (from the Fresh N Local website)


Where does our food come from?

We purchase our ingredients from a variety of local distributors, buying directly from area farms when seasonally available. We have designed our menu cycles to match seasonal produce to provide the freshest food possible.


What “green” practices do you use?

At Fresh N Local, we care about our impact on the environment on a local and global scale. Our facility is run on wind and solar power, we only use biodegradable cleaning products, we have a thorough recycling program and we compost leftover food scraps. Our building has a direct solar photovoltaic system as well as a solar thermal hot water system that are used to provide electricity and heat water. Any additional purchased power is provided by wind and solar sources. We even have our printer's ink cartridges refilled to reduce unnecessary waste!


Do you process tree nuts in your facility?

Do to the seriousness of allergic reaction to nuts; we do not process any peanuts or tree nuts in our facility. None of our entrees contain any nut products.


Serving sizes

Lunch (one of each of the following components)

Entree: ¾ cup/serving

Fruit: 1/3 cup/serving

Vegetable: 1/3 cup/serving



Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a children's soccer program focusing on character development. In addition to offering classes throughout the metro area, Soccer Shots also brings their program to BCC! We're happy to host the classes several times a year. 



The OMSI traveling program is a wonderful program used to support our preschool curriculum throughout the year. Children learn through presentations focusing on Dinosaurs, Bugs and Outer Space. Check out pictures below of the the fun!


Field Trips


Bus trips

Fazzio Farms

Oregon Zoo

Walking trips

Barnes and Noble Storytime

Fire Station

Irvington School Park


Parents Night Out


Parents Night Out is yet another special offer for parents. It is held once a month on a Friday evening. You can choose to extend your child’s day until 9 pm or drop off from 6 – 9 pm.


During Parents Night Out children change into their pj's and engage in free play before dinner is served and it’s time to snuggle down for movie night with their friends! We are sure to have a blast every time!


The cost is just $25 for one child, and for families with multiple children just $10 more per additional child!


Hosted by our regular infant room staff and assistant director, it is something you and your child are sure to look forward to on a regular basis.